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Duraflor Luxury Flooring

Stone Plastic Composite 

Stone Plastic Composite forwards warm emotion of wood through Duraflor Wooden pattern vinyl. It is well known that Thailand has temperature or humid so it makes many people concern about shrink problem of vinyl. Therefore, all problems will be gone with new innovation of SPC vinyl. 

This wooden pattern vinyl made from strong material, durability, pattern and surface are similar to hard wood. Also, it has special qualification for resistance, anti-termite 100 percents, easy to maintain, convenient to installation with click lock system. It is human-friendly, animal-friendly and environmental friendly, long lifetime to use and no need to worry about the problem after installation that will be followed by


Duraflor luxury flooring offers amazing true-to-life looks and E-Clean surface treat.

Create Your Own Masterpiece

Duraflor luxury flooring offers beautiful looks combined with exclusive E-Clean Technology for enhanced stain resistance.

Realistic Visuals

- Rustic, traditional, and exotic hardwoods

- Unique transfer printing technology




Dining Room Flooring Design Ideas

Dining room design ideas have moved beyond strictly formal to a range of styles. Modern minimalist, retro, French country, coastal - thereis so much design freedom that it's easy to create a dining experience that can work for every day as well as for more formal occasions. 

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Bedroom Flooring Design Ideas 

If you are looking for beautiful and tasteful bedroom design ideas to enhance the appeal of this uniquely personal space, start by exploring designs that match you style. Popular themes like rustic country, romantic, masculine, sophisticated and classic can be achieved through the floors you choose

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Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas

Wood-look vinyl floor are a great option for a bathroom since you should not install real hardwood in this room. Oak vinyl floor flooring is one of the more popular styles of vinyl floor wood. This classic wood species with an open grain pattern, accented by dark swirls, can be stained in a variety of colors and works well with any bathroom decor.

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