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18 October 2019


02 April 2012

Duraflor    Are you looking for the most suitable floor covering for your place ?   You might consider the luxurious look of a carpet, yet the maintenance problem will project a second thought. You might then choose tiles as your alternative, but you will soon realize how hard they feel and how the luxurious look of a carpet is lost. The best solution ? Duraflor !!! Here is why : Duraflor has the soft touch. The thick, yet flexible PVC foam layer decreases all crushing impact. For everyone young and old-softness and safety come with every step on Duraflor. Duraflor is soundproof. The internal structure of Duraflor provides an anti-echo covering to muffle the noise of any falling or moving objects. Duraflor is almost seamless. Duraflor comes in a length of 20-40 metres and a width of 2 metres; so you have less seams on your floor; thus, a more beautiful and stylish room. Duraflor is easy to clean and maintain. The waterproof transparent PVC coating is easy to clean and maintain. It also protects and preserves the designs beneath, so that they remain new and beautiful. Duraflor is easy to install. It is so quick and easy to install Duraflor in any room. Duraflor is flexible, but doesn't stretch or shrink. Duraflor is built to survive in any kind of temperature. Its internal structure enables each Duraflor piece to adjust to room temperature. Duraflor is non-inflammable. Duraflor is suitable for all places. Durability is guaranteed with Duraflor's transparent PVC coating; thus, Duraflor is the answer to all your flooring needs. Duraflor is Asbestos Free. It causes no harm to your ...


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