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About Us


Duraflor Corporation Limited has been established since 1982. We take pride in ourselves as the leader in Thailand who manufacture cushion vinyl  floorcovering and vinyl & foam wallcovering and as the first manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

For over a decade, Duraflor has been supplying floor & wall coverings that mainly render a wide range of customers' needs and styles in interior decoration. Resulting from research and development, quality products and services have been driven to improve continuously.

Nowadays, Duraflor has succeeded by achieving local market and spreading throughout global markets.


1982 : Duraflor has been established
1983 : Duraflor began the manufacturing process of vinyl coating products and had become the first manufacturer in South East Asia
1984 : Cushion Vinyl floor covering has been launched to local market
1986 : Wall covering has been introduced
1987 : Through research and development of floor covering, we've obtained certificate of quality : C.S.A. standard A 126.3 - M 1984 for Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and achieved international expansion to worldwide market such as Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Papua Newguinea and ETC
1988 : The Product Awards winner
1989 : Acquistion of B.O.I. Privilege Award
  : Research and Development of wall covering in order to cover both vinyl & foam wallpaper lines
1990 : 1,000 square metres factory area expansion
1992 : Product Laboratory established
1994 : Developed floor covering's substrate from mineral paper to fiberglass
1996 : High gloss surface of floor covering has been developed to fulfill customers' needs
1997 : Ranked by Customs Department of Thailand as special level exporter
1999 : Selected and approved by Department of Export Promotion / Ministry of Commerce to use the "Thailand's Brand" product logo (symbol of export high quality product)